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Hi, I am Mac! (CTO @Wednesday Solutions). I am penning down mistakes, learnings, and turned-the-ship-around stories across my journey of building digital products that are on your phone.

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“LeadReads is a brilliant resource for tech professionals. As a Senior Software Engineer at miniOrange, I find their comprehensive coverage of the latest tech developments extremely useful. The newsletter not only offers insightful analysis but also practical tips that are directly applicable to our projects. Its focus on innovation and industry trends is particularly beneficial for staying ahead in the fast-paced tech world.”

Shubham VarshneySenior Software Engineer at miniOrange

“LeadReads is a must-read for any tech leader. Its in-depth analysis and cutting-edge insights have been invaluable in guiding our strategic decisions at Fyndna. The way they present complex tech trends in an understandable format is commendable. Their focus on emerging tech and leadership strategies has significantly influenced our project approaches, leading to innovative solutions and enhanced team performance.”

Uday ChauhanLead Software Engineer at Fyndna

“Spend decades in the industry, compress it and that’s exactly what Mac’s newsletter is.”

Rameez KhanHead of Delivery at Wednesday Solutions

“Mac’s deep-dives into tech challenges helps me better understand and empathise with technology teams. Great work.”

Ali Hafizji CEO at Wednesday Solutions